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FAQ – Step 6

Where can I get some beginners information about crop insurance?


Your crop insurance agent may have some excellent literature. The crop insurance industry also has an educational website at: http://www.cropinsuranceinamerica.org/about-crop-insurance/#

If I do not have recent wheat production should I select PLC in order to be eligible to purchase SCO in wheat?


Your crop mix should make sense for your farm, not necessarily to sign-up for an alternative in the farm program. SCO is an insurance policy that covers losses from 86% of the county (yield or revenue) down to the level of insurance coverage you purchase from a crop insurance agent. If you carry 85% coverage, the SCO policy would only cover 1%. If you carry 70% coverage on your crop, SCO would cover 16% of your payment. It is triggered at the county level and is applied to the individual policy's deductible range. Crops for which ARC-CO has been elected and FSA farms for which ARC-IC has been elected are not eligible for SCO. It can only be mixed with PLC but no program crop decision is required for eligibility.

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