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Producers have the ability to elect the program that will provide support during this Farm Bill foreach of their farm units. The choice is among three programs – Price Loss Coverage (PLC) or Agricultural Risk Coverage at the county (ARC-CO) or farm (ARC-IC) level. This is a choice between programs that offer fixed price protection (PLC), county revenue protection (ARC-CO) or farm revenue protection (ARC-IC). This set of articles provides an overview of these programs, with focus on the PLC and ARC-CO programs.

Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage in the 2014 Farm Bill

ARC-PLC Decision: Why It Differs from the ACRE-DCP Decision

The Forgotten Variable: Yield and the Choice of Farm Program Option

2014 Farm Bill Decisions: Program Choice - A Big Picture Perspective

Comparing ARC-CO to PLC: APAS Sample Farms and the ARC-CO - PLC Comparison Tool

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